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EXPERIENCE – the Difference

colin-beard-business-soluti2working with and advising global organisations and governments on learning and development.

Professor Colin Beard delivers powerful Master Classes on Learning Design, based on his new book called Experiential Learning Design published by Routledge, New York, and out in September 2022.  The Master Classes can cost as little as £50 per head per day. Contact by email to follow up to: colbeard2@outlook.com (or at the university on c.m.beard@shu.ac.uk).

He is an experienced practitioner in advising, designing and facilitating powerful experiential learning for a range of clients both in the UK and internationally. His expertise is recognised by many leading organisations and many of his clients apply his experiential methods for more effective learning and development through ‘acquaintance with’ rather than just ‘knowledge of’. Testimonials demonstrate how he has transformed many organisations. He specialises in holistic approaches to human learning focussing on utilising several core human capacities. He has researched and developed experiential programme design approaches, including Human Experience Mapping tools with proven impact. Click on ‘consultancy’ (above right) for more information.

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Professor Colin Beard is a specialist in human learning and his consultancy work is much sought after. He is an experienced facilitator, creative thinker. He is a UK Professor of Experiential Learning at Sheffield Hallam University, and he holds a PhD in experiential learning.

Watch some of his videos on learning:

Higher Levels of Thinking in HE: https://youtu.be/mkKGhDcYOvc

Spatial Cognition and Learning: https://vimeo.com/357345701/858ab0bd72

Read his recent paper on Learning Experience Design: https://doi.org/10.1080/14623943.2018.1538962

His publications and PhD summary are available from Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive (SHURA) at: http://shura.shu.ac.uk/13095/  His contact e-mail: c.m.beard@shu.ac.uk

He continues to be invited to deliver Master Classes in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Mainland China and India.  He also works across Europe, Chile, Peru, Taiwan, and the US. He has given over 65 keynotes speeches across the globe. He has been recognised in the award of a National Teaching Fellowship from the UK Higher Education Academy. At this website you may read about Colin’s practice, and his academic research.

Professor Colin Beard is an exciting keynote and after dinner speaker.

He explored the Amazon rainforests for over three months in 1975, leading a zoological expedition when he was only 22 years old. He has had many amazing jobs, and many adventures in his life: managing nature reserves, giving evidence at public enquiries, protecting land, an RSPB warden in mountain areas, and on the sea looking after islands with rare birds nesting, a director of a major practical charity, and undertaking global outdoor adventures.

Colin has co-written the world’s first book on Adventure Tourism.

THE 4th EDITION of the Experiential Learning Handbook was published August 2018, by Kogan Page. Go to koganpage.com/experientiallearning and enter the code AHREL20 and get 20% off the book. In this 4th edition there are many new ideas about both the theory and practice of experiential learning and experiential education.

*** Look out for my new book will be out early 2022, titled

Experiential Learning Design: Theoretical Foundations and Effective Principles, published by Routledge, New York.