Education for Sustainable Devpt

Welcome to the the world of education for business innovation and sustainable development.

The following links will take you to Colin’s Experiential Learning pages on the main Sheffield Hallam University website:

1 to 1 Tutorial The techniques of being able to form different levels of structured thinking through a mindmapping plan.

Coffee and Papers help students think about relaxed alertness and its affect on studies.

Walk the Talk – Develops a deep understanding of complex information.

Writing skills …students improve both their writing and critical thinking skills at the same time by following the short session on writing quality introductions to essays.

Playing Cards – Improves self-reflection on student group dynamics


TEACHING TECHNIQUESA number of free teaching resource documents to download.

TEACHING ADVICEFree PowerPoint files for you to download and use, copyright free.



Some recommended books:

Silent Spring, 1962
Blueprint for survival, 1972
Limits to Growth – Club of Rome, 1972
Factor Four – Club of Rome, 1997
Small is beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered, Shumacher, 1973
Natural Capital, Factor Four
Crisis and Conservation – conflict in the British Countryside, 1984 (Pye-Smith & Rose)