Location: Kaddorie Farm & Botanic Garden and the Green Hub, Hong Kong.

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Contact for details and booking: Please contact Mr. KC Cheng at 2483 7197 or email to kccheng@kfbg.org

Previous participant comments:

“It is very inspiring. Colin has taught a whole new perspective in experiential learning. It is not only about the techniques showed in the workshop, but also the theory behind which I could definitely apply on my work.”

This programme is enjoyable, with a relaxed atmosphere and it is certainly productive for anyone involved in education, teaching, training, lecturing, and facilitating. The two venues are very special and remarkable in their own way. If you have ever wondered what experiential learning and experiential education is, and the difference between them, then join us to find out. Get to know the essentials of good practice in the design and delivery of these experiential approaches to powerful ways to understand, learn and remember.


  • Experiential education  – inputs and activities with Colin Beard
  • Exploring the broad “field”: Experience, Learning and Education
  • Understanding the human experience of learning
  • Different ways to use experiential education: learning from experiences, and the experience of learning
  • Immerse yourself in a wide range of exciting and practical learning activities/experiences in each of the two days
  • Night Walk at KFBG
  • Experiencing and staying overnight at the Green Hub, Grade I listed historic building at the Old Tai Po Police Station
  • Guided Visit in KFBG
  • Group Sharing and Discussion

We hope to see you there………………



A wonderful experience in Hong Kong this August. The training for Outward Bound went well – ‘thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring’. Facilitators acquired more in depth understanding of how poeple learn, and how we can help poeple to learn from their experiences. The outcome for more senior managers was that some programmes have been redesigned as a result of learning how to use and apply a method known as ‘human experience mapping’. The human Visual Spatial Sketchpad Memory (VSSM) plays a very vital role in learning – and it is much older than the memory system used for remebering words! Sparks Consulting in the USA have also recently reported great success with the redesign of their programes held in New Zealand, Holland and the US for young elite athletes. The mapping approach uses the seven core dimensions of the human experience (see the new 4th edition book for details) and these are all embraced using a holistic appreciation of learning.

I will be in Hong Kong again in early January 2019 delivering an open public Experiential Education 2 day programme at the amazing location of Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens and the Green Hub in Hong Kong. Contact me on c.m.beard@shu.ac.uk if you need more information. There are currently two other days available for anyone who would like to book a speech or workshop.

New 4th Edition

Next year (2018) the popular 3rd edition Experiential Learning Handbook will become a revised 4th edition. I am in the process of writing new material so any requests that would enhance the book will be considered (my e-mail is c.m.beard@shu.ac.uk). I aim to write more on experiential education and the way in which experiential learning is different from experiential education. There will be more on human language and its role in learning, more on making learning visible, more on learning experience design,  and there will be new case studies from around the world. Watch this space for more news.  Experiential Learning

Sharjah, UAE.

I enjoyed my time in Sharjah, UAE speaking at a major conference, and then delivering a ‘taster’ workshop. The campus here is fantastic; full of higher education instututions, an oasis of space, greenery and learning. It is really great to meet people who are passionate about education, and busy designing new types of learning experiences for their students. It is also such a pleasure for me to sit and listen to presentations of other lecturers: the variety of topics was amazing.

The last time I was here was probably 13 years ago when I was asked to train the staff at the Coral Beach Resort here by Martin Kolb the Manager at that time. I met him when I was delivering an Executive Management programme at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi! Sharjah has changed a great deal since then. The hotel I am in sadly doesn’t have a swimming pool, but in the spirit of reframing I managed to get a lot of work done! This is especially so as I received an e-mail whilst out here from Wiley Publishing, US, asking me to write a chapter on the current influences of Dewey on experiential education and experiential learning. So yes I have been the only one here reading at breakfast, sitting outside at the roadside tables with a coffee doing more reading and making a lot of notes, and then doing the same on the plane whilst everyone watches films! It is rewarding to get so much pleasure from learning. Charles Handy said that ‘those who are in love with learning are in love with life’. Hmmmmm.



Had a great trip to Scotland to work with the Open University. Some staff development work in Edinburgh, followed by a talk to the Associate Lecturers at the Staff Development Conference at the Police College in Tulliallan on the Saturday. The talk was entitled ‘Communcating with our learners: language, learning and emotions’. I enjoyed every minute of my time with all the staff. The train journey up, and back down to Sheffield was brilliant too, with the sea visible and the blue sky lifting my spirits. What a nice weekend – thank you OU Scotland. My next trip is to India to the Magic Bus Centre (a charity helping thousands of kids) near Mumbai, then after Christmas I am working with a brilliant environmental charity in Hong Kong (Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens). Busy times but really interesting.

Master Class in India in September

The Experiential Learning Master Class in Pune near Mumbai in India over the weekend of the 10th and 11th September has now been postponed until late December 2016. If you are interested in attending please contact the Magic Bus Centre. The session will explore many facets of the human experience of learning in an interactive way. We cover active learning, enhancing sensory capacities for learning, supporting how the brain thinks and learns, emotional dynamics,  and aspects of human ‘being’ and ‘belonging’. Suitable for lecturers, trainers, and facilitators. Join me for a great weekend.