Experiential Education Master Class 11 and 12th January 2020.

I am pleased to announce that the next Experiential Education Master Class will be delivered in Hong Kong on 11 and 12 January 2020. The course will be hosted by Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Gardens. The course is suitable for all people involved in education, including lecturers, teachers, outdoor educators, facilitators, youth workers, etc. The essential information can be seen on my  previous blog for this calendar year. Please do inform others of this workshop. It will be hands on and it will cover a wide range of design and delivery topics.

The flyer for last year said: This hands-on two-day programme will be delivered by Professor Colin Beard, a master practitioner and leading global specialist in experiential education.

The many practical techniques that you will experience first-hand have influenced educationalists across the globe, with a considerable number of organisations and individuals continuously reporting increased participant engagement, deeper understanding and longer lasting memory.

Participants will be introduced to a brand new experiential learning cycle (ELC) that will improve your teaching designs. Each day approximately six innovative practical techniques will be introduced covering a wide range of topics and different KFBG experiential activities will be led by Colin and KFBG Education Officers collaboratively.

You will learn how to: ‘teach’ complex subjects in an engaging way, how to design for effective learning, apply human visual-spatial cognition to greater effect, use experience as the foundation of learning, make learning and thinking more visible, apply co-production and inheritance techniques, create positive learning habits in participants, work with the whole person, encourage learners to do the learning – proactively and independently, and develop a range of tools and materials that act as navigational aids to support deep and meaningful learning at any age and level.

The core experiential principles that will be learnt can be applied to any of your education and training work.

The programme includes takeaway materials, including workshop PDF, published articles, and a video.

Download the programme leaflet

Previous Participants’ Comments

“Before I joined the Experiential Education Workshop, I would teach my students by just presenting a lot to them. It was boring and exhausting for all of us. Now that I have learnt both the theory and some practical technique of experiential learning, I tried to spend more time and effort in preparing and designing experiences for the students, while on the lessons I just have to facilitate them to do the learning themselves. This approach is more fun and engaging for the students, it also makes teaching classes more enjoyable and less exhausting. I will definitely join other courses to learn more about experiential learning and education.”


“It is very inspiring. Colin has taught a whole new perspective in experiential learning. It is not only about the techniques showed in the workshop, but also the theory behind which I could definitely apply on my work.”


  1. Facilitator

Colin Beard is an expert in experiential learning; he is Professor of Experiential Learning at Sheffield Business School, as well as being a consultant to organisations around the world regarding learning and development, in his private capacity. He has experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, training clients from China, India, Singapore, South America and Europe, from the National Health Service, teachers, nature educators, outdoor-based personal development educators and to corporate groups.
His expertise has been recognised by a National Teaching Fellowship Award from the UK Higher Education Academy and he has published extensively, co-authoring a key text in the field: ‘Beard C. and Wilson, J. (2018) Experiential Learning20170112_094655

Come join us for this exciting adventure!

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