Visits to Singapore 2019.

This summer I have had the pleasure of visiting Singapore three times. First working with teachers and social workers I gave two keynote speeches on a conference theme of ‘Connecting the Disconnected’ (June 2019).  I will  return to give a keynote speech and executive workshop to senior stakeholders about the future directions of outdoor education in Singapore with a conference theme of ‘Scaling Higher Ground’ (July 2019), and finally returning (August 2019) to do some experiential learning workshops for a number of organisations. One of the organisations specialises in commercial experience design and they are based within a firm of architects. Architects of experience design, a great metaphor. I call Singapore my second home. I have lots of friends and in June I met up with someone from China I shared a bunk room with at OBS on Pulau Ubin over 15 years ago whilst running an experiential education workshop… June he just happened to be playing golf on a nearby island and visiting his parents in Singapore!

Over many years I have visited Singapore many times  – 35 by the end of this third visit in 2019! The travel time is long but great for a relatively undisturbed period to work on my new book…….I also hope to have another new book written in Chinese next year….watch this space. The picture below is of a new high rise rooftop gardening project I visited. They supply fresh herbs to shops and restaurants in Singapore. 20190611_083436

The second picture below is the apartment swimming pool that kept me sane whilst working on speeches, books, journal article reviews, workshop designs and e-mails etc. Exercise is key to overcoming jetlag – but this time not so. I woke up wide awake at 1.30 am on the day I had two keynotes to do! That’s life…….  


I hope to be in Hong Kong again in January 2020. This is another place I love to visit. The work there in 2020 includes Outward Bound Hong Kong. Last time, according to senior staff, the outcome of the 2 day experiential learning workshop appears to have been productive:

‘The new training school started here and it’s going well. I have been trying to incorporate a lot of the methods you taught us and they seem to be having a positive impact on the quality and levels of engagement. Myself and Jackie also use a lot of the methods in the 14-day expedition that we did with the training school. In particular we spent a lot of time focusing on creating a sense of belonging within the group and in the environment. This had notable impacts on the quality of the experience and it is still visible now whilst on training. We also found the seven dimensions model a useful tool to guide our reflection’.



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