This year it seems that the students at University appreciate my approach as the   nominations have resulted in a Faculty Inspirational Teacher Award. Their words are special to me. I love exploring how humans learn and I am continually learning so much ….thank you.

His teaching has been the most inspirational teaching I have received throughout my

years in education.

The methods and theories he uses just makes you get things instantly, and he is happy to

answer questions and help you understand if you don’t get things.

 The stories and experience he talks about during seminars really help and inspire learning

and I know for a fact that students in my seminar group also agree with myself.

 If anyone deserves this award it is definitely this person!

Truly amazing! For my first year at university he has been such a great help in our


He has a truly unique way of teaching students and makes us understand things a lot more

than other staff members. I feel like other tutors could learn a lot! 

My most inspirational teacher.

Their breadth of knowledge and his teaching style makes learning memorable and

enjoyable, so much that it sparked in me a passion of learning.

Also, he has given me advice on several occasions when I needed it.

They take a different approach to explaining .

He uses anecdotes which are relevant to the module and he has a clear enthusiasm for

what he is teaching.


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