Experiental Learning 4E

The new 4th edition book on experiential learning is selling well. My next textbook is going to be on THE DESIGN OF LEARNING EXPERIENCES, for teachers, lecturers, facilitators and trainers. I hope to put together the many things I have learnt by (1) delivering Master Classes in experience design around the world, and (2) publishing papers in refereed journals. There is also a great deal of new research into human learning that has been undertaken in the 21st century and it is adding to what we already know. There have been some key events in the last 2 million years of human evolution that have been significant in the human ability to learn.

The process of writing a book really starts with a detailed proposal to a publisher and this is what I am currently developing. It is an exciting process crafting all the chapter heading, and the content for each chapter. One chapter will introduce a new holistic learning cycle specifically created with the design process in mind: currently there are relatively few  models and theories available that are helpful for the design process. Many in the learning professions accept that the current theories and models are somewhat limited when trying to design a workshop, a seminar, a programme, a module, an outdoor experience, and so forth.  So here goes – watch this space over the coming months.


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