Experiential Education Master Class Hong Kong January 12 & 13 th 2019.


Contact for details and booking: Please contact Mr. KC Cheng at 2483 7197 or email to kccheng@kfbg.org

Previous participant comments:

“It is very inspiring. Colin has taught a whole new perspective in experiential learning. It is not only about the techniques showed in the workshop, but also the theory behind which I could definitely apply on my work.”

This programme is enjoyable, with a relaxed atmosphere and it is certainly productive for anyone involved in education, teaching, training, lecturing, and facilitating. If you have ever wondered what experiential learning and experiential education is, and the difference between them, then join us to find out. Get to know the essentials of good practice in the design and delivery of these experiential approaches to powerful ways to understand, learn and remember.

The many practical techniques that you will experience first-hand have influenced educationalists across the globe, with a considerable number of organisations and individuals continuously reporting increased participant engagement, deeper understanding and longer lasting memory. You will be introduced to a brand new experiential learning cycle (ELC) that will improve your teaching designs.

Each day approximately six innovative practical techniques will be introduced covering a wide range of topics. You will learn how to: ‘teach’ complex subjects, how to design for effective learning, apply human spatial cognition to greater effect, use experience as the foundation of learningmake learning and thinking visibleapply co-production and inheritancecreate positive learning habitswork with the whole person, encourage students do the learning, and develop a range of tools and materials that act as navigational aids to support deep learning at any age and level. The core experiential principles that will be learnt can be applied to any of your education and training work. The programme includes takeaway materials, including workshop PDF, RECENTLY published articles, and a video.


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