A wonderful experience in Hong Kong this August. The training for Outward Bound went well – ‘thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring’. Facilitators acquired more in depth understanding of how poeple learn, and how we can help poeple to learn from their experiences. The outcome for more senior managers was that some programmes have been redesigned as a result of learning how to use and apply a method known as ‘human experience mapping’. The human Visual Spatial Sketchpad Memory (VSSM) plays a very vital role in learning – and it is much older than the memory system used for remebering words! Sparks Consulting in the USA have also recently reported great success with the redesign of their programes held in New Zealand, Holland and the US for young elite athletes. The mapping approach uses the seven core dimensions of the human experience (see the new 4th edition book for details) and these are all embraced using a holistic appreciation of learning.

I will be in Hong Kong again in early January 2019 delivering an open public Experiential Education 2 day programme at the amazing location of Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens and the Green Hub in Hong Kong. Contact me on c.m.beard@shu.ac.uk if you need more information. There are currently two other days available for anyone who would like to book a speech or workshop.


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