Malaysian Heat Experiential

I am working with two new clients in Malaysia, delivering Experiential Training the Trainer courses in Kuala Lumpur, a buzzing city that is warm and humid. My friend Roger Greenaway (visit his great Reviewing Skills website) is also working out here focussing on review and evaluation methods.  It is exciting to work together in this way linking our thinking and practice on experiential design, delivery, reflection, and reviewing in different ways/combinations.  It is a very busy week for both of us. The mixture of delegates is also interesting, with corporate clients, and adventure and outdoor facilitators. The last time I was out in Malaysia was several years ago when I was delivering a course for Malaysia Telecom at their training college.

I found a good book to read during the long flight. I bought it at the last minute at an airport shop whilst still in the UK – it is called Thinking, Fast and Slow by the Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman. It is a fascinating read, and the book includes a lot of interesting material about errors in human judgement, and the functions of the slow and fast thinking routes humans utilise either consciously or subconsciously. They are referred to as system 1 and system 2. One of the most fascinating bits I have read so far is about cognitive illusions: ‘confusing experience with the memory of it is a compelling cognitive illusion’ suggests Kahneman. He offers many illustrations but the one here that was particularly simple to grasp was how someone in the audience of a lecture he did remarked to him how he had listened to a really long, beautiful musical symphony and then at the end there was a scratch on the recording that apparently ruined the whole experience……!!! The experience was not ruined, of course, only the memory of it. Much of the actual experience of listening to the music had not been ruined at all.I will post some news of these events at intervals………


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