News – books, chapters, an opportunity, and a free seminar!!!

Prof Colin BeardThe Experiential Educators Europe Conference in Lesvos, Greece was a great success. I met many interesting people and we had lovely weather. One morning we saw about five dolphins playing near the shore whilst we had breakfast on the balcony. The EEE sessions were all decided by particpants on arrival, in a very democratic and organised way. The International evening was also a great success with everyone taking some food from their own country. The evening ended with traditional Greek dancing. Greece-Experiential-FoodI took a Bakewell Pudding from the shop in Bakewell, in the National Park. The swimming pool was empty unfortunately so we found alternative uses (see photo),  a great place to do introductory activities! I also experienced some great experiential sessions during the conference and I hope that one or two of the presenters might help me by doing a short section for the forthcoming third edition of the experiential learning book. Next year the event is in Hungary at the end of April. I am hoping to go to it and possibly camp and experience minimalist living!Greece-Experiential-Educators

The Managing Spatial Ecologies book is available on Amazon UK  as well as USA now. The beginning of my contribution chapter is as follows, just to offer a taste of my thinking: Many spaces counter-intuitively interfere with learning and working, yet this state of affairs remains largely misunderstood by senior executives.  I argue that rapid change to working and learning spaces forms a complex ecology, a new spatial dynamic that can liberate, or limit, human and organizational capacity.  Driven largely by what we know about learning and human development, working and learning are increasingly regarded as converging phenomena in the knowledge economy: both require a similar range of human functioning, particularly, using a spatial metaphor, ‘higher’ level thinking through complex information manipulation.  These human functions, previously seen as largely cognitive, can be further developed by a greater comprehension of the role of movement, in an ecological context.  Synergies exist with human processing tools as movement emerges as key to new gesture based technologies that align GPS-like human capacities to processes important to learning, creativity and memory retention.  I suggest that the human being would better comprehend problematic knowledge, so typical in today’s complex world, by organizations getting FM to identify and create, though not necessarily own, more spaces for corporeal applications, as an extra gear to individual and organizational learning I propose a new evolution, an ecological alignment of the structural, functional, personal and social milieu of workplaces.  Through sensitive design work that acknowledges human fears and the need to belong, new spatial ecologies can liberate both individuals and organizations…………..

A chapter on spaces that change individuals and organisations will be published soon in a new International Human Resource Management book edited by John Wilson. This chapter was written with my colleague Professor Price. It is also currently shown  on Amazon books. The chapter Objectives are as follows: By end of this chapter, through theory and practice, any reader will have: Explored how space, in relation to new defining parameters of learning, has been largely neglected by HR; Grasped the concept of convergent evolution in relation to ‘learning’ and ‘working’; Gained a snapshot overview of the evolving theories of learning; Considered the interrelatedness of learning theories and learning environments; Been presented with a simple model of learning that explores learning environments in relation to other important learning dynamics; Explored how spatial dynamics affects language and conversations………………………..

Meanwhile the Training the Trainer Course in KL, Malaysia is recruiting well.

There is a new opportnuity as I am also in Singapore in mid August and hoping that as the flights are paid for a keynote speech then a training programme might be organised with a partner – interested in organising one? Do contact me.

Finally I am running a seminar at Sheffield Hallam University Business School on 25th June for FE and HE lecturers. The day experience will cover four innovative pedagogies. It is for practitioners and the experiences will be very practically focussed. Contact me for details. 15 places only. It is also FREE!!!!!!!





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