Busy times

News update on my latest projects:

The book Managing Spatial Ecologies is now out with Routledge, New York. My chapter focuses on Spaces that change people and organisations. I will be doing some more work on Organisational Development for the NHS later this year, as well as working with the UK Higher Education Academy to deliver some new workshops for lecturers. I am now busy preparing for the European Experiential Education Conference in Greece, as well as my next Training the Trainer workshop which will be a week long event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Singapore will be visited later this year as a result of an invitation to speak at a Global Alliance of Educators Conference, as well as a visit to Finland where I hope to deliver a symposium contribution on the Mind, Body, Environment relationship in learning (embodied and embedded learning). The Third Edition of the Experiential Learning Text is coming along with new chapters on sensory intelligence, and coaching using the six dimension model as a guide (belonging, doing, sensing, feeling, knowing and being). I am at last hoping to receive the draft final copy of the audio  book on Sensory Inteligence in the next few days from my colleagues in India. I think I have to develop more patience: although it is now over a year ago since the recording took place in a studio in Mumbai!



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  1. Great mtg yesterday Colin, thanks. Be good to get more discussion on your pioneering work updates here, maybe a online forum? Incidentally, have you ever looked at sacred architecture? I find it fascinating how many buildings in antiquity were ‘revealed’ to the master builders and are built on so-called ‘harmonic proportion’ and instill harmony and well-being in the visitor. Chartres Cathedral and the gardens of Isfahan, for example.


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