Woodland Rides

Completed woodland ride

The ride is complete!

The woodland ride is developing nicely. We have now created a richer haven for wildlife and we hope to stop any disturbance before the spring is in full flow. Nest boxes of different sizes are going to be put up over the next few weeks to encourage a few more birds along the ride. In the winter as the photos shows the sun aligns with the length of the ride – glorious! At home the chicken coop is taking shape and I am looking forward to getting new hens this year.

 Meantime the new book on Managing Spatial Ecologies by Routledge New York is now in proof stage….so not long to go…..and the audio book on Sensory Intelligence is now ready for launch from Mumbai, India with the cover design done and the introductory voice work complete.

Later this week I am fliming the technique ‘How to Get to University’ that shows students Higher Education concepts based on the cognitive taxonomy developed by Bloom. If all goes well this will be available later next month – on request! Next month  will be working with a Welsh University on staff LTA development for two days and …..my next advanced Training the Trainer event based on the six dimensions learning model will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in late June.



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